Sunday, 16 March 2008

Early Works: Simple Simon

The earliest known published illustrations by Gladys Peto were eight pencil sketches illustrating Simple Simon: His Adventures in the Thistle Patch by A. Neil Lyons, published by The Bodley Head in 1914.
These illustrations are quite naively executed, and are markedly different from the distinctive art deco style that Gladys Peto later became famous for.  Nevertheless, they are a fascinating insight into the early attempts of this burgeoning new artist.


Olive Frost said...

So glad to see Gladys getting some recognition at last. I knew her very well, and Lindsay, in the 60s.They were my mother's godparents.
I have lots of memorabilia of hers including four gorgeous watercolours.
I totally agree she needs more recognition.

Gladys Peto said...

Hi Olive,

Thanks very much for getting in touch - please leave your email address as a comment and I will get back to you straight away.

Best wishes,