Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ceramics: Tuscan Nursery Ware

Gladys Peto's illustrations were proving so popular, that in 1929, the pottery company R H & S Plant Ltd., manufacturers of porcelain and china at the Tuscan Works in Longton, England, produced an exquisite range of children's nursery ware decorated with her artwork.


Peter said...

I have a beautiful little cup and saucer, decorated with pictures from the nursery rhyme "Tinker, Tailor" - designed and signed by Gladys Peto. The cup has "Tailor" and the saucer has "Beggarman". The backstamp says: "Tuscan China, Made in England", and I have managed to date it to approximately the early 1920s.
But I can't find any mention of this design anywhere on the web. Do you know whether there was a full set of pictures covering the whole nursery rhyme? Or where I could find more information about this particular use of Gladys Peto's artwork?
Any help greatly appreciated. Peter

Gladys Peto said...

Hi Peter - thanks for your message! My collection is by no means complete, and many years ago, I do recall seeing some 'Tinker, Tailor' china pieces. Alas, I can't remeber if they were the same as or different to the ones you mention. I think a lot of care was put into the production of these pieces, and I would say that it's highly likely that a set of the complete nursery rhyme was originally produced. And who knows - a set may still exist somewhere today. If I find it, I'll be sure to let you know!

Peter said...

Many thanks for your comment. It is as I suspected (feared). Nothing currently known. Thanks for the ffer to keep a look out. I also will let you knwo if I find anything more. In the meantime, there are pictures of my cup and saucer on the following site (Sorry, I couldn't work out how to upload them to your site):
Best wishes, Peter