Sunday, 23 March 2008

Costume Design, Fabrics, and the "Gladys Peto Dress"

Gladys Peto's inimitable style was in such high demand that she was often called upon as a costume and set designer for the theatre.  Here is a selection of images showing what a fabulous transition her designs made from the storybook to the stage.


wesley said...

Wow these are Amazing. My family collect Gladys Peto work. We have heard rumours of clothes being made in her style, Its great to actualy see some!

Cindi said...

Bravo to Jeannette Payne for making Gladys Peto's glorious illustrations available to the many people who will, no doubt, admire her work as much as we do.

The site is quite obviously a labor of love. Its strength is a fitting tribute to an author/artist whose work appeals on the deepest levels, recalling the special place that is childhood. With a superb decorative sense, Peto employed colors and shapes as abstract patterns within her figurative visual storytelling. She commanded a unique combination of technical skill and charming imagery.

Thank you for invigorating Peto's legacy.